Salcedo, Eastern Samar

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Dio Islet


Are you looking for rest from your  busy life? Or you want to to be away from your noisy place? Or you simply want to have a vacation and spend less? Or you want to add a new list of  your beach adventure? Dio islet is a perfect place  for you.

Dio is a white sand virgin islet with clear waters. This is also a marine sanctuary.

This can be accessed from Matarinao, Salcedo, Eastern Samar or from Gen. MacArthur Eastern Samar. ​


Contact us and we will help you realize your dream vacation.

Binabasalan Islet


Binabasalan is perfect getaway for vacation and rest. Surely you will enjoy the beauty of nature here: white sand, clear water and underwater view.


Intrance fee: Php 5.00 (locals), Php 25.00 (foreigners)

Transportation: Php 1,200.00 (4-5 persons) round trip (Salcedo-Binabasalan)

Island Hopping: Kindly ask the guide for the price. Possible destinations: Minamhay Sandbar, Baol Islet, Pearl Island (Guiuan), Samaria (Quinapondan) and other nearby islands.

Catering: Php 150.00/head (fish: sinugba & kinilaw, crabs, rice & water)


For more information contact the following:

   Isabel Abella (09202764399) or  Myrna B Calicoy (09993273917)

Minamhay Sandbar


Include this place as one of your destinations when you visit Binabasalan Islet. Kindly ask your guide when is the best time to visit this place because during high tide this sandbar is below waters.


If you want to stay at this place for a longer time kindly bring a tent since no tree (or any vegitation) would give you shade.



Locsoon Beach


Locsoon Beach is located at Jagnaya, Salcedo, Eastern Samar. A popular place for the locals and a promising tourist destination. 


When you visit this beach never fail to notice and behold the following attractions:

  1. The Kissing Rocks,

  2. caves, and

  3. natural lagoon

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Spell check please!- Intrance fee: Php 5.00 (locals), Php 25.00 (forei...

Spell check please!- Intrance fee: Php 5.00 (locals), Php 25.00 (foreigners)-thanks

11/13/2013 4:39:41 PM

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